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1959.02.11: Telegram from Arthur Miller to Billy Wilder regarding Billy’s criticism of Marilyn during the filming of Some Like It Hot.

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A letter from Joe DiMaggio to Marilyn Monroe, postmarked “Grand Central Sta., New York, N.Y. JUL 15, 1952 4:30 PM”, addressed to : “Miss Monroe, Bel-Air Hotel, Beverly Hills [Los Angeles], California.”
Joe DiMaggio, courting his future wife, Marilyn Monroe, begs forgiveness for an outburst in which he badly hurt her feelings, just four months after their first meeting.

Dear Marilyn, I just got through talking with you- and I don’t know what else to say than I have already said. However, it bothers me (call it guilt or what have you) to think about what happened the day I left for New York. I definately [sic] am punishing myself. I have always felt that I’ve been able to ‘take’ it, but in this particular instance, I find myself rather cold. It annoys me no end to think that I have ‘bit’ your feelings: you of all people, would be the last one I’d hurt! It has never been my nature to do that to anyone, and I’m certainly not going to start now. I’d rather take an ‘airship’— bow out gracefully is what I mean— rather than give you any misieres [sic; i.e. plural of misery], and please don’t get the idea I am saying these things because I want things to change- on the contrary, I have among other things great respect for you. For the time that I know you— you have done nothing but good— for me and some of your acquaintances— you have done nothing but take the worse of things when other people are involved in rough spots, and in our mild mannered way, people have taken advantage of you. I know all these things about you, and a lot more. I guess I could also mention how much you try, in everything that you do. Especially when you were here and went shopping just to please me. So you see Marilyn, I appreciate you as a real, solid, human soul, with tremendous inner feelings.

What you have already read has been put mildly and very brief.

I am handing you the ‘deck’ of cards now— you schuffle [sic] them and deal; all I ask if you forgive me. Love Joe.

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Dear Norman [Rosten],

It feels a little funny to be writing the name Norman since my own name is Norma and it feels like I’m writing my own name almost, However— 

First, thanks for letting Sam[photographer and MM confidant Sam Shaw] and me visit you and Hedda [Norman’s wife] last Saturday. It was nice. I enjoyed meeting your wife – she seemed so warm to me. Thanks the most for your book of poetry—with which I spent all Sunday morning in bed with. It touched me – I use to think if I had ever had a child I would have wanted only a son, but after reading -Songs for Patricia – I know I would have loved a little girl just as much but maybe the former feeling was only Freudian for something…anyway Frued [sic] 

I use to write poetry sometimes but usually I was very depressed at those times and the few (about two) people said that it depressed them, in fact one cried but it was an old friend I’d known for years. So anyway thanks. And my best to Hedda & Patricia and you— 

Marilyn M. 

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Letter from Gary Cooper dated from  June 22 1960 to thank Marilyn for her support when he was hospitalized.

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Telegram dated from January 15 1960 sent by Tony Randall her partner in “Let’s Make Love” who couldn’t attend the movie presentation press conference.

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A Marilyn Monroe 1960–1961 Screen Actors Guild Membership card.

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Vanity Fair- Marilyn’s letter to Isidore Miller (dated February 2nd, 1962), Arthur Miller’s father

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Marilyn’s notes on ‘The Prince and the Showgirl’

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A letter Travilla sent Marilyn inviting her to a preview for one of his collections in April 1960.

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Oh, well, men are climbing to the moon but they don’t seem interested in the beating human heart. Still, one can change them but won’t- by the way, that was the original theme of The Misfits- no one even caught that part of it. Partly because, I guess, the changes in the script and some of the distortions in the direction.

-An excerpt from a letter written by Marilyn on March 1 and 2, 1961 during her stay at Columbia-Presbyterian, to Dr. Ralph Greenson

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“Dearest Marilyn, have a short stop over here at Copenhagen enroute for the ‘long underwear country.’ Should be there in about three hours. Spent nine days here in 1958. Wonderful country. The famous Tivoli park was one of my favorite places. Love, Joe.” - Joe DiMaggio in a post card sent to Marilyn from Denmark in 1962.

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A cheque signed on August 4th, 1962 by Marilyn. 

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Marilyn’s cheques 
1. To Dr. Elliot Corway
2. To Sales Fulton Market
3. To Gladys Mertz

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Marilyn’s “The Prince and the Showgirl” script.

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A one-page typed letter and signed letter to Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller from Allan “Whitey” Snyder, dated “July 16th, 1959,” regarding working together on a future film ( The Misfits ) and his current work doing makeup for Tony Curtis. In original envelope addressed to Marilyn Monroe Productions Inc. Together with a handwritten telegram from Snyder also to Marilyn Monroe Productions, stating that he is currently working at Paramount with Tony Curtis, but is able to start working with Monroe on a film when she is ready.