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On January 14, 1954, Joe whisked Marilyn off to City Hall in San Francisco for an impromptu wedding. Although they had been thinking of tying the knot for some time, they made the actual decision just a couple of days earlier. Despite the couple’s initial intention to keep the occasion as low-key as possible, over a hundred (some reports put the number at closer to two hundred)newsmen and photographers found out- tipped off by the studio, which Marilyn had only informed one hour before the event- and thronged the entrance and corridors of the municipal building. Inside, the bride had no guests at all; Joe’s friends and family looked on as Judge Charles S. Perry pronounced Joe and Marilyn man and wife. As they tried to make their exit they were waylaid by reporters who asked, among other things, how many children they planned on having. Marilyn replied “I’d like to have six.” Joe, at the same moment, said “One.” Then the couple raced out through the rear entrance, jumped into Joe’s dark blue Cadillac and sped off to their honeymoon:  one night at the modest Clifton Motel in Paso Robles, before driving on to a tranquil mountain hideaway outside Idyllwild, near Palm Springs, where they stayed for two weeks. Marilyn went fishing with her new husband, she learned to play billiards, and they enjoyed the rare luxury of time alone together.

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