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      Once in London, Marilyn would behave just like any other tourist. She squealed with delight when she heard Big Ben chime, declaring it ‘Just like the movies,’ and also made a point of visiting the National Gallery, Piccadilly Circus and Charing Cross. She also took the chance to extend her book collection, as confirmed by pianist Alan: ‘Marilyn would make a beeline for Foyle’s bookshop and once you got her in there, you would have to drag her out.
      One day Marilyn took a ‘sicky’  and she escaped into the city with Alan. Once there they did some sightseeing in Trafalgar Square, where she got much more than she bargained for, as Alan recalls: ‘A pigeon went “splat” on the brim of her hat and she didn’t want to take it off because it was part of her disguise. We had to use a hanky and nail brush to scrub most of it off using water from the fountain. Many years later that same hat came up at auction and it still had the stains on the brim!
       But pigeons weren’t the only ones to give Marilyn unwanted attention, as witnessed by Alan. ‘We were in Trafalgar Square and an old lady came up to her. She was about five foot tall, all in black, wearing a hat with fruit and carrying a shopping bag. She stood right in front of Marilyn, poked her between her ribs and said, “Ere, you’re that Marilyn Monroe tart ain’t ya?” She actually winded Marilyn with the poke. “Oh thank you, you’re so kind. I’m often being compared to her.” “Snotty cow,” said the old woman and stormed off. Marilyn was in hysterics laughing.

-Marilyn Monroe: Private and Confidential by Michelle Morgan

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