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"Crappy Marilyn movies", thank you. On another note, in the Korea footage & stills, she looks unbelievably gorgeous (in a war zone!), but I think I read she had or got pneumonia during that trip, do you know the story behind that?

Right? Like how can someone look so absolutely perfect. I took a walk from the bus stop to my house after school today and came home looking like a creature from the black lagoon, [or if you’re eastern european: that weird moss creature that wonders around the forest scaring and possibly eating children]. Anyways it’s pretty basic: cold ass weather and a tiny not so warm dress.

Oh and she first got a stomach bug visiting soldiers in Japan but decided to continue with the Korean tour. One Army Corps of Engineers officer said, “Of all the performers who came to us in Korea-and there were a half dozen or so- she was the best…It was bitter cold, but she was in no hurry to leave. Marilyn was a great entertainer. She made thousands of GIs feel she really cared.”

From Michelle Morgan’s Private and Confidential:
“By the time Marilyn began the first show in Korea, it was snowing, but even so she appeared in a purple evening gown and alter claimed that she didn’t even notice the snow falling around her. ‘In fact,’ she said ’ it melted away almost before it touched my skin. That was the happiest time- when the thousands of soldiers all yelled my name over and over.’
Marilyn performed several songs, including ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend’ and ‘Kiss Me Again,’ and joked and talked with the GIs in the crowd. One of them, Don Loraine, remembered:  ‘I was a young Marine in Korea. Marilyn came out dressed in a heavy parka.  She started to sing; suddenly stopped and said, ‘This is not what you came to see,’ and took off the parka. She was dressed in a low-cut purple cocktail dress. She was so beautiful, we all went wild, and I might add it was colder than hell that day.  She brought a lot of joy to a group of combat-weary Marines and I for one will never forget her.’

On her return to Japan, Marilyn excitedly told DiMaggio, ‘Joe, you never heard such cheering,’ to which he replied, ‘Yes I have.’ This cutting put-down was made worse by the fact that the freezing conditions had given her not just a bronchial condition but pneumonia too. By the time they arrived in the United States, Marilyn wearily told reporters, ‘I’m ill and just want to go to bed.’ The tour had ended; she was back to reality.

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