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     “Her life as a star was hell. I can imagine what it must have been for her. Everywhere she looked, some photographer or reporter wanted to get at her. She seldom had a chance to relax or concentrate on her acting. Whenever she appeared on the set, some photographer was there trying to take a picture of her for Look or Life, while a reporter was begging for just the smaller interview. Wouldn’t she please answer just one question?
     Even at night, when a person likes to take it easy, the studio forced her to do publicity things. Here was a sex symbol who’d become a slave to her career and what the public wanted. I only talked with her a few times, but she was always friendly, someone who’d go out of her way to say hello. It was Marilyn’s suggestion that the picture end with Sugar and Spats together, and going into the sunset. Billy Wilder liked the idea at first, but then decided to end the movie on a comedic note with Joe E. Brown and Jack Lemmon- maybe because Marilyn wasn’t always available.”

Raft recalled the last time he ever saw Marilyn: “I was driving down Sunset, near the Beverly Hills Hotel, and had to stop for a light alongside a big, chauffeur-driven black Caddy with the shades down. All of a sudden, Marilyn, who was in the limousine, saw me. The shade went up and there she was, with her big smile, waving hello. She looked pale, but gorgeous as ever. I cried when I heard what finally happened to her.”

-George Raft by Lewis Yablonsky

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