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Thank you very much, but you should thank for the Mexico gifs since they are the ones that made it. And yep that’s the dress she was buried in, it’s been described as seafoam green, apple green and just plain green. Most of the photos of her in it are black and white so it’s a bit hard to tell. 

From ‘My Sister Marilyn’ by Berniece Baker Miracle and Mona Rae Miracle:

"She [Berniece] and Inez are here to choose something for Marilyn to wear in her coffin.
There are two closets to search through, one in Marilyn’s bedroom and another in the guest bedroom.
Berniece’s instinct tells her that colour, rather than white, will create the mood that Marilyn would have wished. She chooses an apple green sheath dress of nylon jersey. Berniece and Inez confer about Marilyn’s weight loss and the possible difficulties that may result from a clingy soft dress on a body in repose. They don’t know what might be avaible at the funeral home, so they rummage about, gathering much more than they need- half a dozen safety pins, a sheet, and several garments of various size and thickness-to be used in making the dress conform to Marilyn’s normal body shape.”

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