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Rene Ricard: I was one of Edie’s escorts the night the limousines pulled up to The Scene, where she met Mick Jagger. I was there, and you don’t know how I felt, seventeen years old. It was an extraordinary moment! Edie Sedgwick, the most famous girl in New York, and Mick Jagger, the most famous singer and the one everybody wanted to fuck! And there he was.
We were at least two hours late at The Scene. Edie was always brilliantly later; Andy would wait for her; he’d never say a word. He trusted her aristocratic instincts. He always said, “She knows what she’d  doing.” When she’d arrive, it would always be when the tension was at its greatest. Everyone at The Scene was saying, “Edie’s going to meet Mick. It’s Mick and Edie… New York’s big girl and England’s big boy, and they’re going to be together.”
Edie was wearing the Gernreich dress she had modeled somewhere-breathtaking and in such great style- made of a cinnamon-colored, satiny football jersey. Her sleeves were pushed up and she wore a million bangle bracelets and very high, high heels. Earrings. We went down the stairs. Edie never, never carried anything when she went out on these evenings; I don’t even remember a coat.
It was in front of the coat-check place that it happened. Mick Jagger was there and Edie was there, facing each other. She said, ” How do you do? I just love your records.” Well, what do you say? And he said, “Oh, thank you.” Then, all of a sudden, there was an explosion of people and every corner of The Scene emptied into the tiny vestibule where we were standing. People were pushing and banging up against each other. The flashbulbs were blinding. Edie was able to get to the ladies’ room. The poor thing! She was appalled by the crush. I don’t remember what happened the rest of the night. All I know is that the picture of the two of them standing together in The Scene, the dingiest and most disgusting place in the world, is imprinted on my retina because it was so glamorous! 

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